Paris, France, December 26-27, 1998

The train I took from Frankfurt back to Paris Gare de l'Est travelled during the day, so I got to enjoy the view of both Germany and France's countryside. I had the compartment to myself for most of the journey, and was joined by a lady, a young mother, her daughter, son, and a dog after we were well into France. Once in Paris, I went right away to a hotel right next to Gare du Nord - inexpensive, small, and very clean. After finding out that the restaurants I wanted to goto were all closed for the holidays, I went to the local brasserie (brewery/restaurant) and had a pretty good steak dinner. Then, I decided to wander aimlessly in Paris again, and ended up at the center of contemporary art, Georges Pompidou Center. After sleeping very well at the hotel, I headed toward Aéroport Charles de Gaulle (CDG) by train on 12/27. Here I was at the airport, feeling melancholy from parting with my old friend Paris... but also feeling excited from making a new acquaintance with Germany. I'll be back, and hopefully soon!
Front of Gare du Nord, Paris, at Night

This is a view of Gare du Nord from my hotel room. You can see
how close this hotel is to the train station. The brasserie I
ate dinner at is right below the building you see on the left.
Trains going to north of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark,
and other northern destinations typically depart from Gare du Nord.

Centre National d'Art et de Culture Georges Pompidou

This building, which was architected by Briton Richard Rogers
and Italian Renzo Piano, was and is very controversial,
especially since it was designed to look "inside out." I
remember seeing it for the first time 14 years ago, and
thought that it looked like it was constantly under construction.
(hmmm, sounds like some web pages on the Internet) Ironically,
Georges Pompidou Center *is* under construction/renovation
right now. Can you differentiate the scaffolding from the

Air France Concorde Parked on the Tarmac at CDG

There are three airports in Paris: Le Bourget, Charles de Gaulle,
and Orly. Most international flights come to Charles de Gaulle
(CDG) while other flights land at Orly. I enjoyed flying with
Air France, which had good food and pleasant stewardesses. I flew
in an Airbus A340 to and from Paris, but maybe someday, I'll fly
supersonic in a Concorde...

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